It's a Toronto beer tour!

Backyard Beer Tours - Brewery Crawl Bachelor/ette Party

Ride in our BBT SuperVan as we take you to each craft brewery on your custom Toronto beer tour. We'll teach you how to taste craft beer like a pro, and show you around a brewery or two*.

You get tons of beer samples.

Backyard Beer Tours - Beer Flights

So much beer! At each brewery you will receive a generous 20oz of beer samples. No one goes thirsty on our watch! Cheers.

Featured breweries all over Toronto

We've carefully selected 9 different craft breweries around Toronto. Choose our West Toronto, or East Toronto beer tour and we'll start pouring your beer (we'll hold off pouring until we pick you up).

Its fun AND educational

Backyard Beer Tours - Beer Tasting Card

Our Brew Captains are trained to take you through a sophisticated beer tasting. You will learn how to differentiate flavour profiles from one beer style to the next. It's a fun, and social beer tour - we get your group talking about all things craft beer.

Questions? Just ask!

Toronto's Original Craft Brewery Tour

Craft beer is not just a trend, but it's a delicious art form that's here to stay. In Toronto we are lucky to have so many craft breweries to choose from. We have chosen to support this developing industry by offering tours of several breweries. We are proud to support our local Toronto, Ontario craft brewers.

We don't simply drive people and provide them with beers, we teach you how to taste beer like an expert, how to tell the differences between styles, and talk about what you like and don't like about what you're drinking. Toronto craft breweries make an incredible variety of different styles of brew. Some of these styles include, stout, ipa, imperial ipa and imperial stouts, ale, lager, esb and more.

We are proud to have become partners with some fantastic breweries in the area. These include Junction Craft Brewing, Henderson Brewing, Rainhard Brewing Co, Halo Brewery, Radical Road Brewing, Left Field Brewery, Louis Cifer BrewWorks, Lansdowne Brew pub, and Folly Brew pub.

Please find us at several events across Toronto. We are proud to partner with the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, and to be able to give away tours and special surprises in the SOBDL Hangover Bag. You will find us at several festivals throughout the city, under our BBT tent. Please say hi to us when you see us.

We can't wait to see you one of our Toronto Beer Tours and show you what's brewing in our very own backyard.


Dave, Phil and Steve, we are your Backyard Beer Tours team.


* Brewery Tours are ultimately at the discretion of the breweries, and cannot be guaranteed.